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Scissors party tent Rapid Premium+ Visible

Scissors party tent Rapid Premium+ Visible Scissors party tent Rapid Premium+ Visible Scissors party tent Rapid Premium+ Visible

Package content:

  • Transport package*
  • Anchoring set
  • *Note: is included in the package if the structure is ordered including the roof

Product description


  • Premium quality hexagonal structure
  • NEW unique roof inclination creating a great eye-catching element at events
  • Tent assembly and dismantling within 60 seconds
  • Option to imprint the scissors tent roof and side panels
  • The foldable structure provides for an easy handling and transport
  • Great for exhibitions, sales or presentation events, for catering or music events or for other types of events

Why is the NEW Rapid Premium+ Visible so great?

  • It builds upon the Rapid Premium tent structure´s quality
  • Up to 50 % more imprint space on the tent roof side panels
  • Thanks to the changed tent roof inclination, your imprint becomes better visible
  • It distinguishes you from the competitors by a different and attractive product

Technical specification:

  • The Rapid Premium+ Visible tent cover is made of 100% PES fabric with either transparent or grey polyurethane sealing
  • The cover is water-resistant, mildew resistant and is less flammable
  • You can also opt for a white PVC coating
  • The tent roof is part of the structure and needn´t be dismantled when packing the structure
  • You can perfectly span the roof thanks to a center pin mechanism suitable for making the structure stable and resistant
  • There is an enhanced push-pin-system on the structure for handling and transporting the structure more easily
  • The scissors structure is made of eloxed aluminum
  • We use hardened plastic joints and nylon end pieces which remain resistant even under low temperatures
  • Hexagonal foot profile (41 mm diameter)
  • The strut profile is 26×13 mm and has an interior reinforcement
  • We are using nut joints which are more efficient in comparison to screwed joints – easy and rapid service exchange



Digital sublimation imprint:

  • Polyester sublimation fabric with a grey or transparent sealing 230 g/m2
  • Imprint directly into the fabric (cannot be mechanically removed)
  • 100 % photorealistic imprint
  • Able to imprint colour transitions and fine graphics
  • Imprint on the entire surface

Colour chart:



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